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Trending supply chain control tower topics

Trending Supply Chain Control Tower topics

On this knowledge platform we regularly publish information regarding the design and implementation of Supply Chain Control Tower solutions. These are the main topics that visitors of the platform are interested in:

1. What should be the scope and set-up of a SC Control Tower?

How to decide on the supply chain, geographic and service scope based on the expected benefits of a SC Control Tower initiative? Next, how to agree on the high-level solution in terms of governance and organisation, processes, application landscape, collaboration with external and internal stakeholders and implementation road map?

2. Outsource a SC Control Tower to a 4PL?

A Control Tower can be operated by the shipper's SC organization, can be outsourced to a 4PL or a hybrid setup can be implemented. How is the best solution for a specific situation determined based on the benefits and risks of outsourcing?

3. Which 4PL to select for a SC Control Tower?

How is a provider selected based on service scope, capabilities and cost when the decision is made to outsource a Supply Chain Control Tower or parts of it to one or more 4PLs?

4. Which application to use for support of a SC Control Tower?

Technology and data are crucial for the success of such a Control Tower set-up. Various providers offer IT solutions, which system best suits the Control Tower objectives and requirements?

5. Which real-time transportation visibility solution to use?

For Supply Chain Control Towers to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility, real-time transportation visibility (RTTV) solutions play an important role. Benefits in terms of improving supply chain performance and reducing costs are obvious, but which solution best supports your Control Tower?

6. How can control towers / 4PLs contribute to sustainability objectives?

Companies today have overall sustainability goals and supply chain managers are asked to develop strategies and plans to contribute to related objectives. If a business runs a Supply Chain Control Tower and/or has outsourced this function to a 4PL, this entity will play a critical role in achieving these often ambitious sustainability objectives. How to realize this?

This knowledge platform provides more information on SC Control Tower solutions in general and more detailed insights regarding the topics mentioned above.

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