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How to decide on the SCCT concept?

Scope, high level solution, road map and business case


SCCT solution elements


SC objectives and performance

Current SC performance, objectives and strategy

Current SC segmentation/organisation set-up

Ojectives SC Control Tower initiative 

KPI's to measure the SC performance

Trends &

Industry and supply chain trends 

Development and benefits of SC Control Tower solutions

Best practices design and implementation SC Control Tower solutions

Gartner's top-25 supply chain companies using SC Control Tower solutions


Supply chain scope

Business and Functionality scope

Geographical scope

Ownership principles

Scope SC Control Tower solutions

High level solution

Processes for support SCCT objectives

IT solutions for data collection, event management, analytics and reporting

Governance model and organisation SCCT set-up

Collaboration SC partners and internal teams

Elements of a Supply Chain Control Tower solution


Cost reduction

Service level improvement

Working capital reduction

Risk reduction

Sustainability improvement

Overview of benefits of a Supply Chain Control Tower solution

Road map and next steps

SC Control Tower related initiatives, priorities, relationships and timing

Critical success factors

Core team to drive roadmap

Approach for development of a Supply Chain Control Tower solution
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